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EE at work with Digital Next

In July 2014, we played hosts to EE, ‘The UK’s biggest, fastest, and most reliable network.’ This entailed a visit to the Digital Next offices to collaborate on a viral campaign, promoting the versatility of their EE Shared Plans. As a digital MARKETING agency, we are constantly evolving on a weekly basis and so it is essential that our business plan evolves with us.


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We utilise the EE Business Connect Plan on a daily basis as we are able to customise the amount of data and minutes that we use, allowing us to remain flexible like our tariff. Should we ever need to temporarily work on a project with a freelancer, we can obtain a 30 day rolling SIM to ensure that they hit the ground running – just like our MARKETING campaigns.

Understandably, we were thrilled upon hearing of our selection for the campaign, and the news that the video would be set within our Manchester home at The Sharp Project. We welcomed the film crew with open arms as the theme of the commercial perfectly epitomised our journey with the network – the correlative expansion of a business and corresponding mobile phone plan. The campaign focus was to demonstrate how our mobile business plan had expanded with us throughout each evolutionary stage of Digital Next, through to the prospect of future growth, both nationally and internationally.