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How We Can Help Grow Your Business with PPC

Choose an agency that has the expertise and processes in place to generate the maximum ROI for your business through pay per click. Digital Next offer a range of unique tools and resources, coupled with experienced paid search professionals who have worked in a broad range of industries to make the most of your investment. We operate on a transparent basis where we believe in good communication, market understanding, and reliable reporting.


A Little More on Paid Search

Pay per click is a phenomenal form of online marketing. Not only can you measure the success of each and every one of your campaigns, you can also segment all areas of your products and services, and have ads targeting all the keywords your customers will be searching for. Having the ability to understand how much money you can make in return for the amount invested is also a vital reason many companies opt for paid search in their online marketing plan.

We Specialise In:

    • Google AdWords and Bing Ads

    • Display and Remarketing Advertising


    • Shopping and Product Ads

    • Video Advertising

Access to a dedicated technical account manager in-charge of your campaign.

Market Research

By performing in-depth analyses through understanding and reviewing your competitors, we can identify how well the market is performing, and highlight potential gaps for your brand and trademark. These vital insights will help produce your ideal strategy, to differentiate and expand your business, by creating dedicated campaigns targeting specific search terms.


Tools and Features Optimisation - Adtronix

Our in-house tool gives us the flexibility to capitalise on bid management and account optimisation. We do not charge anything for the use of these tools as we believe it is our complete interest to have your account-build and optimisation as strong as possible. With your average agency charging between 3-5% for use of their tools, placing the cost in their fees structure, you gain the trust in our management knowing we do not like to operate in the same way and eliminate extra charges. This is so we have the benefit of improving your account without setting you back the extra cost.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Whilst increasing traffic volumes to your website, we can begin to build up a better picture of the visitor’s journey as they are clicking through. Tracking the visitors and analysing the information from customer journeys can help us improve key areas of the website to further increase the conversion rate and entire customer experience, ensuring you get an increased ROI.


Case Study: Gardening Industry

Extensive experience in sectors such as; Jewellery, Insurance, Finance, Retail, Gardening, Furniture, IT, Skin Care, Health Care & More.

Bespoke Reporting & Transparency

We like to know where you are at, so that we can show you how much your business has grown over time, and so we can get to grips with seasonal trends and changes. Tracking and analysis are central to any internet marketing campaign, showing you how your site has improved in conversions, and specifically which sources these conversions have come from.


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