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Increase traffic and improve conversions with a strong SEO strategy

SEO is a vial component in any successful online marketing strategy. With increased competition and choice, ensuring your website ranks highly in search engines is more important now than ever before. Our team of experts will utilise a wide range of powerful optimisation techniques to make sure your website grabs the attention of both the search engines and your target audience.

All SEO packages from Digital Next are on a sliding scale, so you can spend as little or as much as you like, depending on how much you want or need.

Core SEO Package

Below£750per month

What do you get?

Core SEO represents the fundamental aspects of SEO
needed for any website to succeed. Without this, the
marketing for a website can be unguided and
therefore unsuccessful.


Keyword Map

You will receive a document explaining which keywords should be used to target specific pages. By evaluating traffic data from Google AdWords, this document will highlight which terms have the highest potential for returns.


On Page Changes for Mapped Pages

Pages highlighted in the keyword mapping process will be optimised and any issues found in the on page analysis of your site will be corrected.


Account Management

Your campaign will be looked after by your own account manager, who will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.


Monthly Reports

To help keep you up to speed with what our team is doing, each month we will send you reports explaining what work has been completed. You will also receive monthly analysis of your analytics and ranking data


On Page Analysis

Our expert team will analyse your website and pinpoint any issues you may have from an on page perspective which could be holding you back.


Link Building

To help increase your online visibility our team will help build links to match your specific keywords, industry and budget.

Premium SEO Package

Above £750 per month

What do you get?

Premium SEO includes all aspects of the Core SEO
service and adds to it to help you compete in
competitive markets. Bespoke additions and
increased time adds the extra attention you need if
you are aiming for the top!


UK Content Delivery for Client Sites

We have a team of in-house content writers who will produce high quality content for your website. This will be planned out in “Content Cycles” in advance, so you will know exactly what you are getting.


Technical Consultancy

To accompany your account management, you will receive technical consultancy from an experience and dedicated member of our team who will assemble and implement a bespoke strategy to achieve your goals. They will adapt a more site-wide optimisation approach to identify key areas to maximise your online visibility.


Creative Link Building

More than just traditional link building, our creative link building service will source higher quality websites and utilise a wider range of creative link building methods. This will ensure you have a large number of high quality links to your site.


Extensive Monthly Reporting

In addition to our core monthly reporting, you will also receive further comprehensive analysis covering advanced analytics and manual outreach reports, as well as frequent social media analysis to ensure that your brands voice is heard.

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